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2tap Launcher Pro 1.6 Download Here

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2tap Launcher Pro v1.6 Lanchrie is available for just any two-touch application. Easy, fast, fun. 2tap Launcher is one of the best new experiences from Android Launcher. This program allows you to organize your programs in the best way. You can see just the most important apps on your screen. Other things are simply accessible from the right menu.
With cards, everything is possible. The stunning animation of this launcher brings you just the programs you need. The card widget makes reading simple and easy to navigate. Gorgeous wallpaper fits your device’s screen. The left menu provides a great way to find unorganized programs. Gesture and animation make things simpler and more fun. Scroll through the apps with this launcher.

– Left menu with all programs and grouped by letter list
– The menu on the right is not connected with the card
– Home with cards
– Widgets on cards
– Custom shortcuts
– Custom animations
– Customize the card
– Special cards are grouped by program letters
– Beautiful wallpaper with parallax effect and fade
– Ability to choose other wallpaper or live wallpaper


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