Act 1 Video Player Apk [Unlocked]

Act 1 Video Player 3.15.2 Download movie player software

  Act 1 Video Player- screenshot thumbnail

Act 1 Video Player v3.15.2 is one of the best and most complete player for video media on your SD card.

– Playlists (with random play)
– Thumbnails (only on devices with Android 2.0 or newer)
– Video zoom options (Landscape, Full, Custom)
– Supports SRT subtitles
– Bookmarks (up to 20 per video)
– Home screen shortcuts to videos and playlists
– Run in the background while running other programs by you or turning off the screen
– Repeat AB
– Video sharing
– Clock, timer, and battery meter on the screen
– Seeking by seekbar, screen gestures, trackball and D-pad
– Screen brightness control and lighting button
– Remembering resume points for all videos
– Video sorting and grouping option
– Delete and rename video
– Stream video
– Shortcuts, convenience and configurations

For more information, see: Performance Booster Donate (root) Apk


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