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Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary 3.6.0 Download

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Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary v3.6.0 is an English-speaking Japanese offline dictionary that uses JMDict Jim Ran-Brin (KanjiDic2 / WWWJDIC) along with data from the Tatoeba project. This dictionary does not require Japanese keyboard. This app works offline.

– Ability to search kanji by sections / radicals, search SKIP code and draw kanji
– Ability to search with kana, romaji and / or English, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Swedish
– Optional romaji instead of hiragana / katakana
– Supports Hepburn, Nihon-Shiki and Kunrei-Shiki
– JLPT / Joyo Exams
– Ability to save content in notepad and practice with a notepad exam
– Supports Samsung’s multi-window, Japanese dictionary dictionary support, display of verbs
– Merge with Dropbox
– Japanese fonts for displaying characters appropriately

Note: When updating Aedict, please update all dictionaries to gain access to new features.


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