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Alcatraz Escape 1.1 Download brain teaser

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Alcatraz Escape 1.1 In this game you have to prepare yourself to deal with the safest prison in human history. The story is that you were imprisoned in the legendary Alcatraz Prison, and all the doors are locked onto you. Do you have a map to get out of a real hell? Can you throw the best map in the event of a crisis? Do not worry, in the Alcatraz Escape game you have a series of clues. Now with these clues you have to look for a solution to the exit. Note that you should not miss the smallest points. Maybe you can get out of jail. You must search and find different clues from room to room and run away from this prison.

Some of the features of Alcatraz Escape Android:
– Escape from the safest prison of history
– Show real prison space
– Includes logical puzzles
– High graphics and excellent sound


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