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Anthill 1.0.10 Download Mobile Game Ant Download

Anthill Apk Download is a great strategy game with an award winning interface. Anthill is based on the real world of ants. By drawing the pheromone trails, direct your ground forces to different destinations, instead of people with unit flow.

Your mission in this game is to protect the hills and prevent the arrival of enemies. You can upgrade your soldiers to four types of ants: workers, soldiers, spitters and drones to deploy.

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⊳ feature ⊲ 
– Defensive tower gameplay protects your hill hill
– Types of units for the deployment of workers, soldiers, spitters and bombers
– Real creatures to win the evil adversaries of beetles, insects and flies
– Draw movements of pheromones with a simple touch and slide interface
– Promoting units to grow your colony


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