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Army of Heroes v1.02.08 Fight, Destroy and Defend! In front of millions of live heroes, build and develop your base, and train the best mercenaries to carry out your commands. Enter the battle for excellence and conquer, burn and control your enemies! Army of Heroes’s epic strategic game is now available for your mobile. This game is a product of Plamee Tech (CY) Limited. Download Puzzle Games.
Internet connection required!

Android Army of Heroes features :
– Collect your army of heroes and then direct your soldiers to battle, increase the abilities of different squads
– The use of trucks, military boats, and helicopters to put their bases out of the enemy
– Assign and change the attack target at any moment during the war
– Recruiting the craziest mercenaries in the world, from a crazy hello gunner to a wise rocket scientist
– Conquer Key Locations: Airports, Oil Refineries, Hospitals, and Labs
– Fight along with your friends! Invite them to play and win valuable gifts


Last version changes

– Alliance Wars is now 2 days long – one day for scouting, and one for the attack.
– Research and upgrades will now carry as usual during wartime.
– When a carrier is destroyed, it will be repaired immediately to carry out normal activity.
– All members of the Alliance can make donations regardless of donation.

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