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AutoReader 3D 2.2.2 Download quick and easy text reading software

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AutoReader 3D v2.2.2 allows you to read text much larger, which is not only important for people with visual impairment.
But also, for example, in transit, walking, on a moving car and so on. When focusing on a tiny text for a boring or impossible eye.
Additionally, 3D Stereo Mode can even be useful for the eyes. If the axis of visual symmetry is right.
It is parallel (for example when looking at the horizon), which loosens the outer muscles of the eye and focuses on the stereo pair.
It helps to synchronize the focus of both eyes, which is also useful. Often, one eye focuses better than the other one (we can not be aware of it, but simply feel tired).

AutoReader will increase read speed and help you get rid of Subvocalization, which is one of the main factors in reducing the reading process. Subvocalization is hidden, the subconscious movement of the lips, tongue and other organs of expression.

Feature List:
– Internal file browser
– Supported formats (PDF, TXT,, Fb2,, EPUB, (DOC and some others soon)
– Support auto-encoding detection
– Moving text (up / down finger)
– Flip through pages (left / right finger)
– Go to the random page number
– Resize text “on the fly” (zoom with two fingers)
– Rotate the screen at any time in any mode (touch the screen with two fingers and rotate it 90 degrees)
– Double click to go to another mode (from overview to reader, from mono to 3D stereo and vice versa)
– Readable text reader speed (finger to top / bottom of screen)
– Settings for fonts, text colors and background colors
– Choose from over 20 background images for the reader
– The reader is divided into short phrases

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