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AWD – PHP / HTML / CSS / JS IDE FULL v0.38 (abbreviated as Android Web Developer) is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for web developers. Supports languages ​​and formats: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON.
Android Web Developer turns the Android tablet with a keyboard into a real development box.The Android Android Web Developer turns your Android into a small development computer for navigating and navigating your code in any location.

A perfect program for those who want to learn programming!

This is a unique mobile app for web developers. It allows you to create or edit html, php, javascript, css and other pages. You can also manage remote projects via FTP, FTPS, SFTP WebDAV. And also manage your local files and folders.

Main features:
– Support for all languages ​​and formats: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
– Abundant ways to get to your projects (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEBDav and growing)
– Integration with web server
– Code highlighting
– Auto file encryption
– Completed code
– Checking the error
– Hardware keyboard support (such as hotkeys)
– Code arrangement with a key
– Line number
– Fast navigation (named classes / functions)
– Quick preview of your page
– Highlight current line
– Search and replace with regular expressions
– Unlimited undo / redo (undo / redo)
– full screen mode
– Recent projects
– Periodic auto-save
– Git integration
– Rename / create / delete / copy-paste files inside your project
– And …

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– – Creates more than one connection
– Make code
– Git integration
– Automatic detection of file encryption
– Periodic auto-save
– Integration with web servers
– Color picker dialog

Editor Features:
– Multiline expression (CTRL + / hotkey)
– Embossing the end / start select the tag section that the cursor is on
– Highlight the end / start of the selected bracket ({, {, {}
– Delete current line (CTRL + / D)
– Move cursor through a word (CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT)
– Move cursor over a word by selecting (CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT)
– Move the cursor over an icon by selecting (SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT)

File system features:
– Rename / Create / Delete / Copy-Paste
– Ability to create files with text format


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