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Barcode Reader Pro 1.8.1 Download Mobile Mobile Barcode Reader Software

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Kinoni Barcode Reader Pro v1.8.1 is a plan to use your Android phone as a barcode scanner for a Windows or Mac computer. With a mobile camera, scan the barcode and send data immediately to your computer – just like using a USB barcode scanner. Supports all common barcode formats including UPC, EAN, ISBN, and QR codes.

Ideal solution for paying bills and organizing CD / Blu-ray / DVD / VHS catalogs or book libraries. This app works perfectly with Collectorz and comic books. It can also easily be used for finance, accounting, project management, wholesale, supply chain and retail functions.

You can also enter additional characters before and after the barcode data for batch processing, for example, entering the key after the bar code will automatically be forwarded to the next cell (s), allowing you to quickly scan multiple barcodes Gives.

This program is sold by Kinoni Oy for Android on Google Play Store for $4.39 .

For the computer program, WiFi and Bluetooth connections are supported. For Mac OS X, a WiFi connection is supported.

Before you use Kinoni Barcode Reader Pro you need to download drivers from (You can also download these drivers from the bottom of this page.)

For Mac OS X you need to download drivers from the Mac App Store.

Requirements :
– Kinoni Barcode Reader application
– A computer running Microsoft Windows XP or higher
– Wifi network

Kinoni Barcode Reader Pro Installation Guide :
– Launch your wireless network. Your computer and mobile must be connected to the same WiFi network. The exact installation details depend on the version of Windows and your phone model, please check the support for Microsoft and the phone for how to connect to the wireless network as needed.
– Install the Barcode Reader application on your mobile phone.
Download and install the Windows Kinoni Barcode Reader driver.
– Run Kinoni Barcode Reader on your phone.
– Wait a few seconds while your phone and computer are connected automatically via WiFi. After connecting, you will see the image of the camera’s viewfinder on your phone’s screen and a pop-up window will appear on your computer’s system tray. If the connection fails, please check the troubleshooting section.
– Run the computer software you want to send barcodes to. To test, you can use Notepad. Make sure you focus on the window you want the barcodes to send.


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