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Bataria Pro – Battery Saver Apk Reduces battery consumption

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Bataria Pro – Battery Saver v2.01 is a simple battery optimizer software designed to save your battery life when you need it. In addition to extending battery life, this program also allows you to manage the task manager.
By Bataria, you can easily transfer power to your device with one touch of your device and even manage the active location from the game place.
Bataria, designed to be small and efficient, includes a battery status bar and 1 × 1 battery widget for fast operation.
Enabling Power Save Mode turns off all battery consumption sources: page brightness, data sync in the background, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Key Features:
– save battery
– Manage Active Programs (similar to Samsung’s Task Manager)
– Status bar Battery percentage (Color change according to battery charge)
– Automatic power save (when battery level is specified)

Power Saving Features:
– Turn off screen brightness (set to minimum)
– Turn off auto sync
Turn off Wi-Fi
– turning off the bluetooth
– Turn off the Haptic Feetback
– Set the minimum page timeout
– Turn off screen rotation


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