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Battlelog Apk For Android

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Battlelog Apk helps you connect to the popular Battlefield game by Android phone and tablet.This app contains all the features needed to be superior in the game. Checking out the details of the game and the results, seeing things that will soon be unlocked, challenge friends on missions, personalize the type of gun packets and see what rank there is in the table.
The Battlelog app also has the ability to connect to the game, even while playing Battlefield4.Now you can choose the server you want to play on or join your friends directly. You can also personalize weapons packs during the game. On tablets, use the Battlescreen feature to view the full-screen map of the playing stage when playing. In the Battlefield community, you can view news, post updates, and join other fans in the forum. With Battlelog, Battlefield is always with you.

Supported games:
• Battlefield ™ 4
• Battlefield ™ 3

Battlelog features:
– See the progress and tips of the soldiers to find out how much you have been upgrading and how many people have been killed and …
– Review the details of the last game to find out your weaknesses
– Search servers and connect through the program, connect to friends and servers of interest
– Personalize the weapons of soldiers at any time. Update your soldier even while playing
– See the full-screen gameplay on the tablet at the same time, as an Executor, you can export commands through the app.
– Identify your location and see what position you have in front of your friends, in your city, country, and global rank
Challenging friends to personalized missions to see who records better.
– Check your progress on the main missions and compare with your friends
– Share your interests and opinions with other players in the forum


Last version changes

Synced with the latest game data from Battlefield Hardline Fixed bugs reported since the Battlefield Hardline release

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