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Battlevoid: Harbinger 2.0.1 Download game Space Battle Station + Mod

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Battlevoid: Harbinger v2.0.1 + Mod is a science fiction game for space exploration and a product from the Bugbyte gaming company combining space-time battles with turns and strategy. In this game, you are a young commander who controls a large ship among the galaxies and must fight them with entering enemy territories in unknown galaxies that you do not know what you will encounter.

At Battlevoid: Harbinger, you decide on your fleet and equipment. Use battle stations to excel and battle hard to defend human survival. Strategies, tactics and resource management are the main features of the Battlevoid: Harbinger game. Plan your attacks and defenses. Enhance your ship against enemy weapons, and use them wisely. Deceive your enemies to move toward the trap, or deflect your enemies towards your battle station.

Features of Battlevoid: Harbinger Android :
– Simulation of intense science fiction adventure
– Explore new galaxies
– Galaxies filled with mysterious places, war stations and dangerous missions
– Perform missions, discover new technologies, and help survive humanity
– A unique turret upgrade system that you never saw in a game
– Pixel graphics and awesome effects

Features of the fashioned version:
– Heavy Weapon Cost 10
– Light Weapon Cost 10
– Hull Damage x2
– Shield Damage x2
– Shield Time x2
– No Cooldown Cannon and Laser
– Some Weapon High Range
– High Accuracy
– Human Facility Cost 10


Last version changes

– Name of the series changed due to Trademark Issues – New ALIEN ships to play with! Collect blueprints to unlock them. – Added some more ships to reinforcements – Fixed bugs – Option to disable the camera’s auto focus in settings menu

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