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Blood Pressure PRO Android Download

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Blood Pressure PRO Apk is a program that you can use to collect and analyze blood pressure measurements and all related activities such as pulse, medications, physical effort, and weight.
Diagrams and statistics enable you to control the results and exercise continuous self-monitoring, and do not forget to measure the pressure and take appropriate medications thanks to the reminders of this program.
The Blood Pressure PRO program is only intended to record blood pressure measurements and related activities. This program is not a substitute for recommendations or a doctor’s visit; therefore, it does not make any changes to your treatment without a prior consultation with a doctor or specialist.

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In the application you can register activities:
* Blood pressure level:
– Systolic
– Diastolic
– pulse (beats)
– Place of measurement of pressure
– Body position during measurement

* Drugs taken:
– The name of the drug
– Dosage

* Weight:
– Weight in kilograms or pounds

Physical and physical effort:
– Kind of effort
– Severity
– Duration of effort

You can analyze the collected results using statistics and charts, including:
– date and time
– Time of day (morning, day, evening, night)
– The range of pressure (low, high, blood pressure …)
– Place of measurement
– Position during measurement

The extensive settings panel will further enable you to:
– Export any kind of information to Excel or .txt file
– Send output information to any email address
– Create data backups
– Any changes in blood pressure range
– Set the time of day for your needs

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