Brainwave Tuner (Full Version) Apk Download

Brainwave Tuner (Full Version) 4.0 Download Brain Wave Adjustment Software

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The Brainwave Tuner (Full Version) is a program to stimulate the brain’s brain that generates sounds and invocations to change the brain’s frequency in order to calm and increase your attention.
There are 20 predefined sound patterns in 3 topics in this software.
Want to relax and be quiet? Think of Learn faster Focus your attention? Increase your awareness and awareness? Increase your self confidence? Just put a handsfree in your ear and run this app.

This software, by creating different waves in a variety of waveforms, helps you treat headaches, induce sleep and force the person to sleep gradually, increase concentration, achieve relaxation, meditation and relaxation, hypnosis, create a mood And cheerful cheers, awakens the mind and many other things.

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