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Call Of Battlefield: Online FPS 2.0 Download + Mod

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Call of Battlefield: Online FPS v2.0 + Mod is a free action game released by the Dodisoft Play Studio. Zombies have attacked the world and are destroying humanity, these creatures attacking humans and turning them into zombies. It’s a mass murder. Your friends Jason, Britney and Angelina have been infected with this virus. Other than that, you are seeing the loss of your family members, and this has worried you and made you fight the zombies. The battlefield calls you for a heavy and difficult conflict. To destroy these zombies, the government has launched a special military force from the remaining people to destroy them by a single operation, called the Call of Battlefield (COB) special force. You have also been selected to be present. It’s not a modern battle but an old style, so be ready for an interesting and exciting battle. As a Ranger, you can choose from among 14 weapons: M4, MP5, Shotgun, DP, AK-47, sniper and more.

Features of Call Of Battlefield: Online FPS Android :
– Ability to play in single-player (offline) and multiplayer online mode
– 6 different battlefields to play the game
– 12 different types of zombies
– 14 different expandable weapons
– Realistic and beautiful animations
– Joystick support
– There is a Wakati Taki for communication
– Optimize network performance
– The free space required to run the game is only 44 megabytes


Last version changes

– Death-match game mode is added
– Team death-match game mode is added
– Capture the flag game mode is added
– Zombie infection game mode is added
– Hostage rescue game mode is added
– 5 new combat arenas are added
– Knife is added
– Camouflage customization is added
– Country flag customization is added
– You earn more coins now
– Regional lighting is applied
– Mini map is added
– Head-shot slow motion effect is added
– Continue from last wave option is added

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