CaughtU Pro Premium – Caught You Android Apk

CaughtU Pro Premium – Caught You 1.0 Find the location and the phone 

CaughtU Pro Premium – Caught You v1.0 build 2 Complete the announcement error when entering an incorrect password on an Android device using the front camera and smartphone GPS. CaughtU Pro emails you with information such as the current position of your device and the photo of someone using your device. This helps you find your device and information.
When you put your smartphone somewhere, someone tries to use your phone. Want to know who is trying to use your mobile phone? Want to find your lost phone? CaughtU Pro will be your solution.

Outstanding Features of CaughtU Pro:
– No use of the service, no background program, only processing at the time of incorrect user input.

★ Possibility to select the number of passwords entered (2, 3, 4 times)
★ Capture an illegal user who is trying to access your device and save the photo inside the app, you can check it at any time.
★ Save the location where the wrong password was entered, you can check the location with Google Maps or the web browser in the app.
★ Submit the above information to your email address
★ Upload unauthorized photo to Google Drive
★ Display alert information when someone is trying to reach your smartphone (for example: please contact me if you find my cell phone)
★ Automatically turn on the Internet connection if your phone turns off when entering an incorrect password.
★ If there is no Internet connection, the program will automatically send you an e-mail when the connection is turned on.


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