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Coffitivity Apk recreates the surround sound of a coffee shop to enhance your creativity and better your work.
Do coffee shop sounds make you more creative? Research says yes!

With this app you are able to:
• Filter through various Coffitivity audio pieces to select your ideal environment
• Use Coffitivtiy everywhere – even without Internet access

Research suggests that in a quiet and distant environment, creativity can hardly occur, and on the other hand, in a busy and overcrowded environment, there is no news of creativity, idea and initiative. But environments such as restaurants and coffee shops are the best place for creativity and ideas. The question is, can we go to restaurants and coffee shops every day?

With Coffitivity, you hear the noise of a coffee shop and you can feel yourself in the coffee shop environment. These sounds are not clear, and this does not distract you and you can follow your main activity. It is interesting that you can set different conditions for the coffee shop and change the sound according to the selected conditions.

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