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CPU tuner (Rooted phones) 3.4.2 Download Now


The Patched v3.4.2 CPU tuner (Rooted phones) gives you control over your Android device’s power consumption.
The first goal of this program is to protect the battery and save battery as much as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the same time (if the kernel of your device supports it).
Depending on the type of trigger (based on the battery), different profiles are loaded. Each trigger has different profiles that depend on the type of phone’s status (if it’s locked, it’s done on battery, power or a phone call).

* A profile can be changed:
– CPU governor, this threshold and the minimum / maximum frequency of your CPU (for example, setCPU speed)

* Status of services such as:
– Mobile data connection
– 3G / 2G switch
– Background sync
– Wifi
– Bluetooth
– Airplane mode


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