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Droid Tesla Pro 5.0 Download Electrical Simulation Simulation Software

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Droid Tesla Pro v5.0 is a simple and powerful SPICE engine. This is an interactive Android app for students, developers and electrical engineers.
Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis means a simulation program with an emphasis on integrated circuit, inspired by the need for the accuracy of the model devices used in the integrated circuit design.
The DroidTesla simulator, using Kirchhoff Flow Law (KCL), solves general resistance circuits in the same way as a student in a classroom circuit . A systematic simulator forms a matrix in accordance with KCL and then acts to solve unknown values ​​using various algebraic techniques such as Gaussian deletion and scatter matrix techniques.

For non-linear components, such as diode and BJT, the DroidTesla engine searches for an approximate solution with the initial guess in the response, and then improves the solution by successive calculations based on this guess. This is a recurring process. The DroidTesla simulator uses the Newton-Raphson repeat algorithm to solve circuits with non-linear I / V relationships.

For active elements (capacitors and inductors), DroidTesla uses numerical integration methods to approximate the active elements as a function of time. DroidTesla offers trapezoidal integration (GEAR method later added) to approximate how active elements are active. Although, for many circuits, both methods offer almost identical results, it is usually considered that the Gear method is more stable, but the trapezoidal method is faster and more accurate.

DroidTesla can now simulate the following:
– Resistance
– Capacitor
– Predecessor
– Potentiometer
– Incandescent lamp
– Perfect operating amplifier (amplifier)
– Bipolar Transistor (PNP NPN)
– N Channel MOSFET drainage
– Increase N Channel MOSFET
– M-channel drain P channel
– Increase M channel of P channel
– Transit transistor effect of field or jiffs of N and P
– PN diode
– PN LED diode
– Dior Zener PN
– AC supply source
DC source
– AC voltage source
– DC Voltage Source (DC)
– CCVS – Currently controlled voltage source
– CCCS – Currently controlled stream source
– VCVS – Voltage controlled voltage source
– VCCS – Controlled Voltage Source
– The source of the square wave voltage
– The source of triangular wave voltage
– AC ampermeter
– DC ampermeter
– AC voltmeter
– DC Voltmeter
– Two-channel oscilloscope
– SPST switch
– SPDT switch
– Controlled voltage switch
– Current controlled switch
– OR
– JK Flip Flop
– 7 segment display
– Flip Flop D
– Relay
– IC 555
– Transformers
– Graetz circuit


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