Dungeon Boss – Fantasy & Strategy RPG Apk Download


Dungeon Boss – Fantasy & Strategy RPG Apk Download For Android

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Extremely beautiful and exciting game Dungeon Boss Apk has been released on the Google Play with action-style action game maker ig Fish Games. Build a professional base for you and equip it with powerful soldiers. You have a fairly hard job, but with a new mindset you can become the hero of the game. In the game, Dungeon Boss is not your only attack, but you must protect yourself against successive attacks from your camp. Do not allow your enemies to cross as much as possible and destroy you. With the scores and credits you receive, you can increase your defense. This will increase the risk of your destruction.

Features of Dungeon Boss Android :
– Collect strategic heroes, build a team, improve rankings, increase stars, unlock unique abilities
– Defeat your enemies by boosting power using widespread kingdom networks
– Very nice and pixel environment and graphics
– In-game in-game guide for newcomers to the game
– A strategy to win, each hero has strengths and weaknesses
– Customize your team for any type of battle


Last version changes

• RUNES – There are 3,000+ unique Runes to customize your heroes with and increase their stats!
• Crafting an EPIC will unlock a powerful attack, either a big damage boost or a damage boost coupled with an extra effect!
• BOSS MODE – Unlock the unprecedented power for your heroes. Be warned – it takes a mean strategy to beat these dungeons!
• BOSS ISLAND – Dastardly Scum inhabit this villainous side of the portal, challenging you in new dungeon battles! You can only get Epics from these dungeons.

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