Ease Backup Pro Cracked Apk Download

Ease Backup Pro 1.12 Backup and Sync Tool

Ease Backup Pro 1.12 Backup and Sync Tool

Ease Backup Pro v1.12 Patched is a powerful application for backing up data and syncing tools on Android. This program is a combination of powerful and easy-to-use features that help secure your phone information or synchronize your phone data between other devices.
This app has many functional features, including the backup of apps and information on the SD card, cloud backup, backup scheduling, app freezer, quick aciton panel, and more. Download Games from IndexofDownload.
Good design The interface of this app makes everything simple and easy. You can complete your task in a few clicks.

Backup and restore apk applications
Back up and restore phone contacts, including contacts photos
Backup and restore SMS and MMS
Backup and restore contact information, bookmarks
Backup and restore your phone settings, including ringtones, backgrounds, user dictionary
Advanced Backup Features With ROOT: Backup of Application Information, Wi-Fi Configuration, and Passwords, Launcher and Widgets
Freeze programs
Display program info


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