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Electronics Toolkit Pro APK provides a useful interface for calculating unknown amounts in electronics and electrical engineering.

– Color codes for resistance – resistance, bearing, upper and lower values, and E series information for any color resistor.
Ohm’s law and power calculation – Find any unknown value in terms of voltage, current, resistance, and power dissipation for each Ohm component.
– Calculation of serial / parallel values
– Inductive or capacitive resistance finder
– Triangle power
– Resistance table
– Capacitor
– Magnetic field
– Resistors
– A voltage circuit amplifier
– 555 constant / output circuit
– Calculation of the resonant frequency of a RLC series circuit
– Star / Delta Resistors
– LED Resistors
– You have passed the table
– Waveforms
– Capacitor charge
– 4000 series of IC series


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