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Eye Trainer Pro 1.3 Enhancements and maintain eye health

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Eye Trainer Pro Apk is a plan to improve your vision and maintain your eye health.
Are your eyes tired? Is the focus hard? Take a short break and rest your eyes at the same time. Eye Trainer Pro has 9 useful tutorials to take care of your eyes.

The muscles of the eye, like any other muscle in our body, should exercise regularly in order to maintain healthy health. We all know that things like swimming, walking or going to the club fit our bodies. But did you know that the human eye can also exercise?

– Day care for eye care every day
– Relieve the pressure and energy of your eyes when you feel tired. Excellent results with eye massage!
– Eye Yoga: Improve your focus by evacuating your mind and stress relief with 5 minutes of yoga practice.
– Relief from the headache: Stopping the headache with some great relaxation techniques
– Neoplasms: Reduce the symptoms of myopia with specialized training for it
– Camera: A visual training for very good results to reduce it
Do you feel dizzy or have double vision? Practice to deal with them
– The dominant eye: Everyone has an overlooked eye, find your predominant eye!
– Color blind test

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