Fingerprint Lock Patched Apk Download

Fingerprint Lock Apk Download application

Fingerprint Lock v2.3 is the only fingerprint lock that actually works as a screen lock and uses your wallpaper. Simply install the app and lock your default screen so you do not activate or delete this app. This is a great fingerprint lock application for Android.
This app includes time and date visible and customization features including themes with customizable positions for everything.
There is a possibility to display the background image and even live wallpaper behind the screen lock.
Invalid identity scan prevents intruders from accessing! Will be on your device. However, you can easily and quickly access your scan when your finger is printed.

– Get up just like a normal screen lock
– Real-time locking of your phone by preventing the button being pressed
– Disable notification bar and push button (including Home and Back buttons)
– View great date and time for easy reading with dozens of features
– Fonts and abundant themes with options to customize your screen lock
– Adjust the positions and sizes of the date, time and everything else
– Changed scanner images, including scan area and color scan line
– Personalized wallpapers, including live wallpapers
– Includes a screen widget to run the program


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