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GameKeyboard + v6.1.1 is a keyboard designed to play games. With this program, you can play only keyboard / gamepad games with a touch screen, play only touch games with gamepad / keyboard / mouse, play gaming games with the normal keyboard only. , Or enter the cheat code into the supported games.

Main features:
1. Gamepad on screen with:
– Multi Touch (Depending on device and operating system)
– d-pad with 4/8 way, up to 12 play buttons, 2 analog sticks
– Resizable and customizable button layout
– Fully customizable buttons
2. Mapping the physical keys
3. Save key / button mappings for profiles
4. Full QWERTY keyboard
5. Create macros to perform autofire, combo keys, text input with the touch of a button
6. Touch action simulation, even with non-touch screen devices (eg Android TV Box) (needs rooting)
7. Realistic analog joystick simulation (requires root, and operating system support from joystick)
8. Virtual mouse simulation (requires root)

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