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Ghost Radar®: CONNECT v4.5.13 The main application is designed to detect paranormal activity. Ghost Radar® attempts to detect paranormal activities through various readings on the device.

Ghost Radar® also includes a sound that notifies you when you recognize the words. Please note that the developers of this program do not guarantee the correctness of this program, therefore, since the results of this software can not be verified scientifically, this program should be used for recreational purposes.

* Increasing vocabulary by about 800 words
* Vocabulary management
* Home screen widget
* Advanced user interface
* Translating energy into words
* Energy translation to radar indicators
* Translating energy into numerical values
* Translate energy into graphics
* Wordlogs
* Manage Wordlogs
* Advanced settings options
* Report capability
* words pronunciation
* Ability to record audio
* Ability to capture an image


Last version changes

WHAT’S NEW * Fixed a crash when showing settings.

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