Good Night’s Sleep Alarm Apk [FULL]

Good Night’s Sleep Alarm FULL 1.1.0 Download From Here

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With Good Night’s Sleep Alarm FULL v1.1.0 you will enjoy a sleeping experience with refreshing and comfortable awakening! This program will awake you easily at the right time.

Wake up refreshing every day:
– REM Sleep Analysis (REM Sleep) is also called sleep-active or paradoxical sleep.) And non-REM is the first non-REM sleep part. Sleep in the non-REM sleep is much It is low and if we sleep, we forget it. In this dream, the muscles are not numb.) You use the accelerometer

This app has 20 relaxing music and stress-free ringtones. When you go to sleep, you can enjoy the choice of 10 original songs to help you have a quiet sleep.

You can also view and check your sleep schedule daily.

This app measures your sleep phases through the smartphone’s accelerometer sensor, and when you’re sure you’re light in your sleep, the phone rings to wake up normally.


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