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GotYa! Security & Safety 3.2.14 Download Alert Software

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GotYa! Security & Safety v3.2.14 A person who is trying to use your Android device is silently shooting the camera on the front of your Android device. This app silently picks up whenever the screen lock is entered incorrectly. Then GotYa sends your email to the location of your device in the form of a Google map and with that person’s photo!
Do you want to know who is using your Android device, stealing it and spying it out? Yes, GotYa is your security choice!
GotYa! It helps you find who has stolen your Android device and you can find it.
This is the best option available on the Android Market.

GotYa Software Features! Android Security & Safety:
– Email notifications
– Sync between multiple devices (Google Drive)
– Upload images to Google Drive
– Get notified when the screen is lit.
– Get notified of the SIM card replacement

Ability to remote control through simple SMS commands:
– Lock / unlock your device
– Request a place
– Request a phone call
– Display a message on the screen
– Ringtone playback aloud (even if it is mute)

Additionally, the “Friendly Mode” mode, if enabled, allows the app to access your device after a failed attempt. While sending the device’s location in the background.

Routing the device and using the Lucky Patcher software is required.

Installation instructions for GotYa software! Security & Safety:
– Download and install the installer file.
– Place the txt text file in your sdcard / LuckyPatcher or /android/com.forda.lp/files/luckypatcher/ Android device.
– Now run the program and press the menu button, you will see that there is an Upgrade button.
– Close the program and patch it with Lucky Patcher.
– Done!
* Do not create a custom apk file (A CUSTOM APK) because the program will not work properly.


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