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Hide Number (Caller Id) Apk blocks your phone number and can not be detected by the caller ID box and other caller identification systems.
Do you want to contact a person or company and do not want them to have your phone number?Hide Number is your solution.
When active, the Hide Number hides your phone number from the caller identity setting on mobile phones and fixed phones, so that the other party calls the call as “Private” (private, or “Unknown” (Unknown) or “hidden” (hidden).
To make a secret call, you do not need to make changes to your Android general settings.
This app provides an easy way for you to enable and disable the sending of your number or ID to other phones or the caller ID.

* Please note: This program does not allow hiding the creator of SMS messages.

This app may not block your phone number to contact emergency services.
Your network operator should support hiding the caller ID.
This software is fully compatible with a large number of GSM operators around the world.

– Hide your caller ID for outgoing calls
– Hide caller ID only for specific numbers (blocked list / blacklist)
– Displays the status bar, running the program and hiding the ID of your calls.
– The program gives you the possibility to add custom code block provided by your mobile operator.
– Widget to turn on / off app functionality


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