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I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App 2.1.3 Download Software

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I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App v2.1.3 is a program for tracking things that happen to you and your baby. Get ready for your baby’s birth. This app will provide you with weekly updates from your child’s development. Tracking your symptoms and comparing them with other pregnant women lets you see how you are sharing with them. Share your information with your doctor, add appointments with the doctor, get answers to your questions and many more from the features of this program. This application is made by the world’s largest online health community. I’m Expecting is the perfect companion to your pregnancy!

– Get weekly updates on baby growth and changes in your body
– Track your pregnancy symptoms and compare points with other pregnant women
– Controlling your weight during pregnancy
– Ask questions about pregnancy and see other questions in online forums
– Track appointments with doctor, tests and other events
– Contact other mothers and get immediate advice and support
– See your baby’s growth with embryo development images developed by medical professionals

Note: The language of this software is English.

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