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Impressionism HD 1.0 Download Impressionist Painting Software

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Impressionism HD APK offers you a unique opportunity to permanently access the best works of Impressionist artists (recipients) as well as their biography.
Here you can find 930 Impressionist paintings from the most famous artists of this genre in the world, including Van Gogh, Gauguin, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Alfred Sissely, Edgar Dega and many other outstanding painters.
In addition to allowing you to become more sophisticated, this program also gives you the unique opportunity to walk in this virtual museum and enjoy the world of masterpieces of painting.

– 930 paintings from 16 artist masters
– Separation of paintings based on styles and artist
– Export drawings to photo album

– Email paintings to your friends
– Publish paintings on facebook
– Easy search for paintings

– Adding drawings to my favorites (My favorites)
– Download paintings for offline viewing
– Drawings zoom

Impressionism was an artistic style of a large group of French freelance and innovative painters in the second half of the nineteenth century, which soon became popular. This technique is based on showing the artist’s direct impression and impression of fleeting glare with the use of a decomposed and light-colored clot to show the shocks of sunlight. In this way, the principles of fine-tune design, shading and technical shading, and balanced and architectural composition are not respected.


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