Infernals – Heroes of Hell *Modded*

Infernals – Heroes of Hell v1.0.1 Download game Android + Mod

Infernals – Heroes of Hell v1.0.1 + Mod is a rendering game from Goodgame Studios, a game studio developed for Android by PoloStore Golem. Fight in the role of a massive action packed online evil demonstration multiplayer game! Survive and strive to dominate in a post-empire land.Are you the one who unites all the Inferno and defeats the darkness?

Get ready for battle! Collect an unbeatable team of heroes and test your survival skills in action.Evolve them into savage monsters, evil soldiers, or talented therapists. Fight in real-time tactical battles and combine your group skills to maximize impact. Destroy the rogue forces in ultra-precise 3D wars.

Collect and upgrade your heroes to fight in hell areas.

Human civilization has reached its peak. Man has controlled both the power of steam and lightning, and has created technological facilities that have never been seen before. To maintain this lifestyle, a huge amount of coal and iron were extracted from the earth. But in one day, the entrance gate to another world (the realm of demons and other supernatural beings) has been opened. These creatures have fallen from the depths and have spread chaos throughout the land.

Game features of Infernals – Heroes of Hell Android :
– Collect all Infernals for flawless control. The Infernals are the final warlords prevailing on the battlefield. Convince them to join your team and end their support for the kingdom of the devil.
Collect an unbeatable team of powerful heroes: summon hundreds of unique characters, collect an unstoppable team of heroes, and test your survival skills in action.
Enhance your heroes to perfection: equip them with works such as spells and masks to release their power.
Take part in tactical real-time wars: Find the right strategy and create a perfect team.
Explore the Infernals Destroyer: Enter into a dark fantasy world and discover the story behind these hellish events.
Compete against the best players in the Fighting Pit: try to dominate the thousands of other players around the world in challenging PvP mode. Join the alliances to unite the strengths. Only the best will survive the battlefield.
– Enjoy stunning 3D characters and exciting effects.


Last version changes

* RELIC MANAGEMENT – Upgrade your Relics to unlock and add new abilities * HERO OVERPOWERING – Further Empower your Heroes & Infernals * HERO UPGRADING – Upgrade your Heroes and choose which stats to improve * HERO PROGRESSION – Changes to Level Caps, Chaos Merge, Hero Promotion & Spirit Skulls * NEW CURRENCIES – Introducing Topaz and Faction Tokens There are also balancing changes, reward improvements & bug fixes. If you are enjoying the game please leave a review!

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