iRig Recorder Apk [Patched] Download

iRig Recorder 1.1.3 patched Download and record audio software

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iRig Recorder v1.1.3 Patched is a powerful and flexible sound recording application for your Android device, which is convenient and easy to use. You can have a professional recording tool at your fingertips, anytime anywhere, along with visual and practical editing functions and various output options tailored to your audio needs.
iRig Recorder comes with full recording features, including a waveform editor, 8 powerful and easy-to-use effects, and complete output file transfer functions.
iRig Recorder is the perfect companion for iRig MIC or iRig MIC Cast. iRig Recorder at any location, along with IK microphone, for recording podcasts, interviews, concerts or any kind of sound. If you already have a professional microphone, you can use it with iRig Recorder by connecting it to your device with iRig PRE or your mobile microphone.
The iRig Recorder’s visual editing tool gives you the ability to cut, correct, or loop the sound.

• Easy and easy to use recording and editing program: Just run the program and press the record!
• Perfect companion for iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast for podcasts, interviews, concerts and other recordings.
• Record on iRig Recorder with your microphone, connected to your mobile device via your iRig PRE
• Record with one touch
• Intuitive, non-destructive editing tools for cutting, modifying and looping your recordings.
• Pitch effects change speed effects to match your audio content with other media such as video
• Organize your recordings by date and geographic location tags
• Extract files as compressed .ogg or uncompressed .wav
• Recording time is limited only to your Android device storage space
• 8 Intelligent Auto Effects to optimize your recordings – No need for audio knowledge!


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