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L-Lingo Learn Japanese Pro 5.6.23 Japanese Language Training Software

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L-Lingo Learn Japanese Pro Apk is a program by which you do not need to know anything about Japanese, this program will dominate you in Japanese.
L-Lingo is designed for ease of use. It supports multi-media channels such as words, native speaking speeches and images for your ability to understand Japanese-language words and phrases used on the road, communication with Japanese speakers, daily and family life, and during work. Slowly
L-Lingo immerses you in the sights and sounds of the Japanese language.
The Japanese-language approach to multi-channel approach provides much faster results than traditional textbooks.

– Thousands of words and sentences are fully visible with images
– Full local and native pronunciation
– Grammar notes to explain the structure of the Japanese language
– The design of the program is such that learning is clean and easy.

You have seen a pineapple in a supermarket, and there are various correct words in your head!Thanks to L-Lingo, you learn the word visually, as well as listening and reading. Japanese Lessons This application will help you learn Japanese words and phrases for you.

65 lessons covered by this program include:
– Introductions and greetings
– at home
– at the time
– in hotel
– Colors
– Foodstuffs
– In Office
– the profession
– numbers
– clothes
– Telling time in Japanese
– Animals
– Meals and cooking
– Ask a Japanese question
– Buy And Sell
– Landscapes and nature
– weather
– Sport
– Family and relationships
– Countries and continents
– Seasons
– to shop
– Days, weeks, months, and so on
– Quantities and shapes
– Current, past, and future times

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