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Lomo Camera 3.9.5 Premium Download

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Lomo Camera v3.9.5 Premium is the best Lomo Camera app that helps you capture amazing photos. There are 2 completely different filters based on the actual version of this app.

* LOMO camera
Take photos in LOMO style. A beautiful shade with processing that makes you feel like you’re using a lumix camera.

* Old camera
What Is this my Android or a real camera? The low contrast and scratches reminds you of your grandmother’s photos.

* Underwater camera
You can experience underwater photography like scuba diving.

* Smarter photos
The most popular format is ‘square’. Take square photos.

* Tilt Shift
You can shoot large objects with a tiny look with the ‘Tilt Shift’ camera.

* Fish Eye
Do not try this with your friends facebook!

* 4 in one
Take 4 photos and combine them in a photo by camera

* Supersampler

* Multiple presentation

There are 12 effects for each camera.
* Cross process
* Push process
* black and white
* old photo
* Vintage
* Brown
* Rusty
* post card
* Paper
* Dreamy
* the movie


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