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Magic Trick # 4 1.0.1 Download Magic Trick 4: Reveal Objects

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Magic Trick # 4 v1.0.1 is designed by the renowned magician Mikael Montier. This is a great new app for a powerful magician using your smartphone.

Magic Trick # 4 includes listening to an old tape that announces the future. The way it works is that the magician will put 9 common objects on the table and ask the viewer to cover one of them randomly with a glass. Then he wants the viewer to play the tape on the smartphone and follow the sound for directions. The sound tells the audience to move the glass a few times and tells each time without a mistake to remove an uncovered object with a glass. The sound thus eliminates all the objects one by one, and eventually even reveals the name of the last remaining object.

Voice recording has been translated into many languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

Using this app is very easy and works 100%.

– Easy to use
– Easy to do
– Visual effect
– No gimmicked objects
– No need to memorize
– The Magic of Mentalism


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