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Magic Wars v0.2.50 is a strategic warfare game, which means you have to build your own base, train soldiers, explore new technologies and collect various mineral resources! Join an alliance to increase your construction speed, build a huge army of enemies, and co-operate with or fight other players from around the world to expand and expand your rule! If all of this is in other strategic battle games, you can find all of them in Magic Wars !
But this is not just a strategic war game! Choose from RPG styles (humans, orcs and ghosts), teach your unique heroes, increase your hero skills, build your own team!
Beyond War Strategy! This strategic combat game is integrated seamlessly with different breeds!Use the unique combination of soldier races to take different strategies against enemies.
Love other races to form an all-powerful alliance. Play with your strengths and take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses. Using the Satellite View feature, you can see the amount of impact strategies on the battlefield live. All players from all over the world have gathered here for a specific purpose, and this is the takeover of the king’s throne. With a free translation system, you can unite all the players around the world and fight for your goals.

Features of Magic Wars Android :
– Humans, united spirits, elves and orcs, all gathered in a city
Collect the resources available under the tree of unity’s spirits
Practice your soldiers in the Grand Orcs Hall
– In the magical towers of humans, search for new technologies
In the dark altar, spirits revive the dead soldiers
Design your base with the help of over 16 unique buildings
– Defend your empire using your complete battleground map
– At all times control your troops and call them every second you need


Last version changes

Update Content:
1. Alliance Officer system released.
2. Title system released.
3. Added a recycling function for hero equipment material. Players can exchange for high level equipment material or resource chests.
1. Improved reward claim status notices in a limited time event page.
2. Improved countdown display for Tournament of Lords.
3. Improved performance of the Tournament of Lords.
4. Changed Tournament of Lords rewards to secure resources.

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