Meeting Minutes Pro [Paid] For Android

Meeting Minutes Pro 33 Download Management & Event Tracking Software

Meeting Minutes Pro v33 is a simple yet powerful, user-friendly and intuitive application for organizing, storing and tracking sessions, attendees, agenda, discussions and practical issues. This software has a simple, easy-to-use interface with rich features and features to maximize your productivity and professionalize you in organizing, tracking and managing meetings. It also supports the following features: 1) Create, update, enter and view sessions, attendees, agenda items, discussion items and action items.

2) Import meetings and attendees from the calendar to save time and improve productivity (requires Android ICS or higher)

3) Sort and filter sessions, contacts and action items based on different parameters

4) Exit / email the Meeting Session to a professional, simple and clean PDF, MS Word XML or HTML format.
The ability to custom labels in settings allows you to create meetings in multiple languages ​​(please note that all languages ​​may not be supported).

5) Extract / email practical actions to a comma separated value file that can be used with any spreadsheet application.

6) Synchronize practical items with the calendar

7) Full Database Output or a Single Session for Backup / Restore Objectives. Output files are for protection of encrypted contents.

8) Enter the database or backup session. The backup file can also be imported from the free version.

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9) Auto Backup Schedule. Note that automatic backups are only taken when the application is running.

10) Integration with device contacts. No need to manually enter all attendee information. You can only select the contact that was already available on the device.

11) Settings for controlling and adjusting the program as you wish.

12) Synchronize information between multiple devices (requires Meeting Minutes Sync extension)

★★★ Now with advanced language support. Supports HTML and MS Word XML formats All languages ​​that use Unicode encryption. PDF format supports all languages ​​that use the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts. ★★★

Use the Lucky Patcher according to the installation guide.


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