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Mekorama 1.1 Download game Help the missing little robot

   Mekorama- screenshot

Mekorama Apk is a new and exciting game, recently released by Martin Magni, and has been rated at 4.8 out of 5.0 stars with about one million installments from Google Polystrove . In this game you have to help a lost robot to reach his home. The game has 50 levels of thinking and confusing. During the game you will encounter three-dimensional paths that you must select the right paths and cross the obstacles to bring the small robot to the exit point.

The simplicity of the early stages of the Mekorama game gives you the impression that you face a childish game, but the complexity of the stages in the middle and end of the game is so high that it can take hours for you.

Features of Mekorama Android :
– Relaxing gameplay
– Attractive robots
– Collectable level cards
– Graphic and Romantic style
– A small game size


Last version changes

– Fixed cards appearing locked when there are more than 127 in total – Allow long card author names to line break into a fourth row – Auto-pause game when backgrounded – Tilt selected card when tapped – Use Material theme on Android 5.0 and up

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