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METAL GEAR SOLID V: GZ Apk The world of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) in the palm of your hands.
Some features of the game require the Internet, and some features on the Xbox requires the Microsoft Smart Glass program, for more information, go to the main menu of the Xbox console.
Use this app as a support site to view the map, request air support when playing with the console, browse the collected information secretly, or listen to the music in the game when you are not playing. Connecting to the original game allows you to use the iDROID section to guide the game and request air support. This section requires a WiFi connection to connect to the game console.See the HOW TO CONNECT section in the app for more information. Expand the main camp, build a secret army and send your troops to the battlefield anywhere in the world. Arrange the forces and build new buildings for the main camp in this simulator. The app also has the ability to play as an independent program, and it is also compatible with the original game to gain new weapons and weapons. Listen to audio files at any time and place, when you listen to the audio file in the main game in the iDROID section, you can use the program to listen to the same files again on your phone.
This game is a product of KONAMI company.


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