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Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector 0.7.4 Download Metal Detector Mobile Application

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Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector Apk v0.7.4 is a portable metal detector. By detecting near electromagnetic fields using the magnetometer / compass of the phone, you can find the metal and magnetism around it. You can also use this to find metal patches and wiring behind the wall.Depending on your phone, you can use this software to detect a metal up to 30 cm away, and use a far and wide magnet. Note that home appliances such as TVs, computers, or even your mobile cover can affect reading.

Readings are separated for each dimension (size), and are specified in your chosen unit (Tesla, Gauss, or Gamma), and are combined to give a numerical reading. You can create a doorway where a cell phone vibrates when a definitive read is reached.

You can also see a reading process through the chart, or switch to compass mode to find the path!

== Learn how to use this app ==
It’s very simple, just move the program around and read the measurements, if the magnetic field readings on a critical surface went off, the phone will shake, which means the presence of the ferromagnetic substance in the same area. Is.

If readings are not updated, make sure your phone is equipped with a magnetometer.

If readings appear off, it means that your sensors need to be re-calibrated, click on the re-calibration button (refresh icon).


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