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Cell Phone Coverage Map v2.4.2 Network Signal Strength Check

Cell Phone Coverage Map Apk  v2.4.2 is a program for testing network call performance and data speeds in places that matter most to you. Then, the results of your review will be combined to give millions of results from other users to provide a snapshot of the network performance. Through interactive maps, you can compare the speed of data transmission across the network, call performance, and all kinds of network technology from a national perspective to a neighborhood level.
Your smartphone is an essential part of your everyday life. We understand this. This is for us too.The CoverageMap app provides you with complete information on mobile networking and easy-to-use tools to help you make informed decisions about your mobile services.

– Test call performance and speed of your network data
– Compare network performance through interactive maps by displaying call performance, maximum data rates and best technology – from LTE to 2G
– View the number of completed inspections by location and operator
– Select a single or continuous check
– 100% free, no annoying ads and additional costs


Last version changes

What’s New v2.4.2 New features and changes include: • A simplified test, including signal and data throughput, for a more comprehensive view of network performance. • A more detailed test screen test. the map • A location option within Experience Reporting, allowing you to specify where issues occur • Improved battery performance • Increased support for tablets

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