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Natura Sound Therapy Android is the official application of mobile devices provided by Blissive. This app includes sounds for relaxing and concentrating your mind that you can reduce your stress too.
Natura Sound Therapy Selected modules are the primary and professional sound therapy technology used in the global warm water classes and yoga studios around the world. In fact, Natura Sound Therapy has long and widely used for its powerful relaxing benefits in walking, high-impact motorcycling environments, and military operations.

The program offers a range of high-quality sounds from ocean waves, storms of rain and thunder, singing birds, insects, sound of frogs, wind and other natural sounds to get calm.

This application delivers a great deal of relaxation with a wide range of specialized, pure brainwaves available on the beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

– 34 amazing sounds of nature and music
– 64 reliable trusted synchronous brain waves
– 38 Easy setup pre-set
– 36 preset user-programmable programs
– Countdown timer
– Customize the user interface using your favorite color


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