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Navigation Tools Pro / HD APK is a professional application for navigating you. It provides 7 useful features.

1. Satellite position in the sky (skyview), display on a radar (with additional information)
2. Display the current speed, battery consumption and battery temperature on the speedometer
3. Display your current height in text form, on the chart and on a height chart
4. Simple compass for route display (extra: screw and roll)
5. Mock Horizon
6. The slider that shows you the screw and roll of your car
7. A warning alert (when you are near a point you are warning), a locator (a simple search engine for the map), a place surfer (displays important information about the location you selected)


Last version changes

1.1) Bug Fix
1.2) License Fix
1.3) New feature added
Code bug fix
Apk dimension decreased
1.4) New code added
1.5) Bug Fix
1.6) Graphic Bug Fix
1.7) Text-To-Speech bub Fix
Proximity Alert Bug Fix
1.8) Sensor Speed ​​Bug Fix
Better image quality
1.9) Compass Instructions Added

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