Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Apk Data [for all devices] Download

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Download game Strange World: Anger Stranger + Data

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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath v1.0.13 + Data is an enticing masterpiece that brings an experience of a complete game that you’ve never seen before, a wild, beautiful, and exceptional experience. More than 140 valid developers and programmers have selected a top 4.5 score for this game. The Android game also has the same graphics as game consoles. Get ready for more than 20 hours of action-packed gameplay. On the lands of undeveloped and undeveloped West, the lost people and poor people who saw their settlements in the siege of wild breach. During the commuting of people to the city people saw a new face, a migratory seasonal hunter, with unique archery. What do you think this person is looking for? The Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath game is updated in a beautiful and patient way for mobile devices to give you an exciting control.

Some of the best features of this game:
– The touch control is fully customizable, the size and size of the buttons can be changed
– Virtual Joystick Sensitive screen for better moves
– Search for bustling forests, massive forests and huge industrial facilities
– Ability to switch from first person to third person and vice versa
Search for the surroundings to find ammunition
Surprise lawbreakers using different strategies
– Go to the very strange, funny, crowd, enemies and indigenous people.
– Fight against dozens of bosses with strange guns and names

Please note that the minimum hardware required to perform the game is as follows:
– 1.2GHz dual-core processor, one gigabyte RAM, adreno 220 graphics processor, nvidia tegra3, ARM mali 400-mp, powerVR SGX 543MP, intel HD graphics or vivante GC 1000
– The game will run on devices with variable resolution capabilities and there are performance settings within the app.

Installation guide:
– Install APK file.
– After downloading the data file and removing it from the compressed state, place the com.oddworld.Stranger folder on the Android / obb path.
– Run the game.

Note: Use the CPU-Z (Search On IndexOfDownload.Com) application to determine the type of processor on your device.


Last version changes

1.0.7 – 1.0.13 – Fixes for various devices and OS versions. 1.0.5 – Stranger’s full run can now be manual (Hold X button). This Controls Settings – Resolve more Adreno driver issues. 1.0.4 – Support even more gamepads. – Resolves various device issues 1.0.3 – Add app exit button on the main menu – Improve the sharpness of graphics – Add a camera distance setting allowing you to be closer to Stranger – Add support for some Adreno 22x devices such as the US Galaxy S3. Previous: – Performance enhancements.