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Onavo Count | Data Usage 2.2.1-4 Download data monitoring and analysis software

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Onabo Count | Data Usage v2.2.1-4 is a stunning app with an intuitive report to help you understand how to use mobile data. This program also allows you to compare the amount of data used in specific programs compared to others.

• Simple Launch: Provides a report of monthly consumption and billing cycle
• You compare to everyone: Compare your data usage in each app with others
• Your data life: Understand how to use your data in categories that matter to you, such as music, maps, and videos.
• Instant Alerts: Learn about approaching data limits and getting cues with notifications on your mobile phone.
• Onavo Extend integration: View your savings on Onvo Extend from the Onavo Count homepage.

How it works:
Onavo Count monitors and analyzes all types of mobile data and phone usage. This includes background, background, and Wi-Fi usage.

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