Panecal Plus Full Cracked Apk Download

Panecal Plus 5.1.1 Download Scientific Calculator application

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Panecal Plus APK is a scientific calculator with the ability to edit phrases. Panecal can display phrases in a multi-line display to prevent input errors by you. In addition, by moving the cursor on the screen, you can easily change the expressions.

– Edit and recall phrases
– History of the results and terms
– Decimal, binary, base eight and sixteen
– Basic conversion
Main memory and 6 variable memory
– Percent
– Accounts, Trigonometry, Trigonometric inversions, Exposure, Logarithmic function, Power, Root power function, factorial and absolution
– DEG, RAD, GRAD modes
– Floating point display modes, fixed point, scientific and engineering
– Set separator separator and separator
– Set the number of bits for the base conversion
– BS key, DEL key, INS key
– Landscape mode
– Confirmation key with vibration and orange colors

Note: Modded google play is required to install this application.


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