Perf.Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor Apk Download

Perf.Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor 1.0 Download software

Perf.Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor v1.0 is a unique health software that everyone should have!
This software calculates your blood pressure with appx. ± 5%

● Step 1: Enter the number of pulses and select gender
● Step 2: Press your thumb slightly at the marker location to calculate
● Step 3: Save / View results in / from the log (log)
● Step 4: View results in a graph for analysis

“Blood pressure” is the pressure that enters the walls of the veins and the blood pressure. If this pressure increases and lasts over time, it can damage the body.
It’s best to track blood pressure throughout the day. So you can use this software as a convenient way to calculate blood pressure.
You do not need to carry heavy equipment for this. All that you need is this app useful.

● Quickly measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure
● Small and easy to use application
● Periodically check your blood pressure in the program
● Symptoms and tips to help you control your blood pressure

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