Performance Booster Donate (root) Apk

Performance Booster Donate (root) v4.6.1 Patched Download software


Performance Booster Donate (root) v4.6.1 Patched Changes the core process to manage all layers like Android runtime in core libraries and Dalvik VM layers, user layer libraries, application layer libraries, and application layer.

This application is for roots only.

Performance Booster requires rout access. To run this application, you need to give SuperUser access. Without SuperUser access, this program will not be able to enable the kernel’s performance process. Performance Booster (root) is a placebo, a joke, and not a fake program.

Unlike other similar programs, this program does not change the settings of lowmemorykiller, does not erase RAM, does not increase CPU / OC speed, and so on. But it manages kernel processes for all layers, so you’ll have the fastest processes on your ROM.


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