Photo Finish [Premium] Apk Download

Photo Finish Premium v1.0.4 Download Retouching Apk

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Photo Finish Premium v1.0.4 Apk is a powerful photo editing software that allows you to retouch images for a beautiful skin. With this program, you can straighten spots, wrinkles and any defect in a few seconds.

✔ Cloning Tool: Skin retouching by replacing spots or unwanted imperfections with smooth skin areas. Removing large spots, spots, spills, and so on

✔ Perfecting Tool: Smooth skin by removing blemishes, black spots and small spots. Simply drag on the affected areas and see the result right away!

✔ Smoothing Tool: Use a smoothing tool to remove deep wrinkles, blackened beads under the eyes and large openings.

✔ Brighten Tool: Restore natural shine on your skin. Turn your face around by dragging across the area. Say goodbye to the puffiness under your eyes!

✔ Erase Tool: We all make a mistake. But with Photo Finish Premium this is not a problem because you can always erase any effects you’ve used.


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